Thursday, April 2, 2015

Landscaping Ideas For A Tropical Getaway In Your Front Yard

Imagine stepping into a tropical paradise complete with tiki posts, picturesque pond and lush shrubbery and then realizing you’re not in Hawaii. Surprise! You’re in your own front yard! Imagine blowing people’s minds with that tropical-themed yard on your next BBQ. Even with limited budget, you can create a tropical oasis right in your own front yard. Here’s a few of my tried and tested frontyard landscaping ideas to achieve a stylish tropical oasis:

Adding Lush Layers of Plants

For me tropical themed anything is about a clever play of textures. Start by planting different varieties of shade trees, shrubs and low-lying plants to achieve textured layers. You want the overall effect to look as if nature has taken over.

Add Several Water Features

You can buy super cheap water features in any specialty stores. Choose designs that give a distinctive tropical vibe and use the water features as a focal point or as accents. I would go a step further by adding wild flowers to attract butterflies and tropical themed birdbaths to attract wild birds!

Add Tiki Posts!

Nothing spells tropical paradise than tiki posts! I would place the tiki post along the pathway leading up to the central point of the yard but you can also use tiki posts as an accent.

Add Stone Accents

When I’m designing a tropical garden or yard, I would use stone accents to pull together the complete look. I would use natural tones from the area. If stones are not available in your area or if it’s too expensive, mould wet concrete and get the same textured effect by sprinkling coarse rock salt over it.